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Feeling lost with programming skills


Silver Coder
Hey there,

For months on end now I've been trying to get back into programming. I've toyed with my favorite languages, scoured the web for interesting projects to contribute to or start, and...nothing. I feel pretty lost with my programming skills and the fun just isn't there anymore. Really, I'm just trying to program for the sake of programming, and not because I still have a huge interest in it.

Any tips? Should I try to keep going or find something better? I don't necessarily want to leave programming behind completely, as it's quite a useful skill to have in today's world. But then, I feel like I should forget about it completely and move on as the flame just isn't there anymore for it.

I'd appreciate anything: advice/tips, projects, possibly even any other role that involves technical stuff(sysadmin?)

Take a look at SitePoint. It's loaded with books and they are loaded with projects. Maybe easy stuff for you, but they might get your interest up.
I see your point.
I am a program engineer and my career of programming is nearly 10 years.
To be honest, I like foreign language rather than programming even I majored in programming.
But I think you'd better keep going and try to find your interest or motivation in programming.
Today programming is really fashionable and interesting thing, I think.
Anyway keep going or not ,it depends on your life.
What I want to say is that I highly recommend to continue.

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