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Fire TV


New Coder
Hello all, I apologize if this seems to be an uninformed question. Is there a way to change my Fire TV’s remote button for one of the applications to a different one that’s not on the menu? For instance, changing the TV’s software/code, so that when I press the “hulu” button on my remote, it opens “youtube” instead? I would imagine it’s just a matter of name swapping the applications but I don’t know much. Any advice would make me grateful, thank you.


I own a fire tv stick. All amazons fire tv sets have a built in Alexa so you can simple say 'turn on youtube' or just say the name of a program like "turn on downton abby" and echo says ":turning on downton abby on netfix" No need to change any programming. I can change the input to my TV so I can game or turn the TV off.