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Flutter or Swift?

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New Coder
Hello everyone, I am trying to become a self-taught developer and I started my journey with HTML CSS and JS. Right now I am in a situation that I must quickly start working and earn money. After Javascript I realized that I want to become a mobile developer and since then I am looking for a programming language to learn. Yesterday I narrowed it down to Flutter and Swift. I am asking this to all experienced developers out there, which language can get me a job faster and are there any big differences about their future?
Both Flutter and Swift are excellent choices for mobile app development, and your choice should depend on your specific goals and circumstances.
Consider your immediate job prospects and your long-term career goals. If you need a job quickly, Flutter's cross-platform capabilities may open more opportunities. However, if you're primarily interested in iOS development and aim for a long-term career with Apple-related technologies, Swift is a solid choice. Ultimately, the demand for skilled developers in either language should continue to grow, so choose the one that aligns best with your career objectives.
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