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JavaScript for some reason this text doesnt show up


                aimCanvas.ctx.fillStyle = "#404040";
                aimCanvas.ctx.textAlign = "center";
                aimCanvas.ctx.textBaseline = "center";
                aimCanvas.ctx.font = "50px Open Sans";
                aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End", this.centerLeft, this.centerTop - 20);
                aimCanvas.ctx.font = "30px Open Sans";
                aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("Total Score : " + this.mode.score, this.centerLeft, this.centerTop + 20);
                aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("Total Fails : " + this.mode.shootFail, this.centerLeft, this.centerTop + 45);
                -------------------aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End Score: " + this.mode.score - this.mode.shootFail, this.centerLeft, this.centertop + 70);-----------------------
                aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("Press ESCAPE", this.centerLeft, this.centerTop + 200);

for some reason the highlighted (------) part doesnt show up. and I cant figure out why it doesnt show up


                aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End Score : " + this.mode.score, this.centerLeft, this.centerTop + 70);
                aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End Score : " + this.mode.score, this.centerLeft, this.centertop + 70);
line on is the one working (wich I now copied from the working line with total score in it)
and the one below wich you suggested removing the - this.mode.shootFail
if I add - this.mode.shootFail I get NaN as an error
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King Coder
              aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End Score: " + this.mode.score - this.mode.shootFail, this.centerLeft, this.centertop + 70);
I think this code attempts to subtract a numeric value (this.mode.shootFail) from a string ("End Score: " + this.mode.score), and throwing a NaN excption because a string is not a number. Try this instead
              aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End Score: " + (this.mode.score - this.mode.shootFail), this.centerLeft, this.centertop + 70);