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ForEach “implicitly-synthesized declarations” Error in Swift Tik Tok clone :(


New Coder
These errors

"Cannot declare entity named '$reel'; the '$' prefix is reserved for implicitly-synthesized declarations"

"Generic struct 'ForEach' requires that 'Binding<[Reel]>' conform to 'RandomAccessCollection'"

Both errors are on this ForEach

ForEach($reels) { $reel in

          ReelsPlayer(reel: $reel)

Is this because my videos are a custom type, and therefore swift is not able to ID them which is giving me the 'RandomAccessCollection' error?

I have a TabView {} and am trying to make each page a new video similar to tik tok or vine. It works when I pass in dummy data but when I pass from my array of videos I get those errors.

The View:

import SwiftUI

import AVKit

struct ReelsView: View {

  @State var currentReel = ""

  // extracting AVPlayer from media file

  @State var reels: [Reel] = MediaFileJSON.map { item -> Reel in   

    let url = Bundle.main.path(forResource: item.url, ofType: "MP4") ?? ""   

    let player = AVPlayer(url: URL(fileURLWithPath: url))

    return Reel(player: player, mediaFile: item)


  var body: some View {

    // setting width and height for rotated view

    GeometryReader { proxy in

      let size = proxy.size

      // vertical page tab view

      TabView(selection: $currentReel) {

        ForEach($reels) { $reel in // **ERRORS HERE**

          ReelsPlayer(reel: $reel)

          // setting width

          .frame(width: size.width)


          // rotate content

          .rotationEffect(.init(degrees: -90))



      // Rotate View

      .rotationEffect(.init(degrees: 90))

      // setting height as width

      .frame(width: size.height)

      .tabViewStyle(PageTabViewStyle(indexDisplayMode: .never))

      // setting max width

      .frame(width: size.width)




struct ReelsView_Previews: PreviewProvider {

  static var previews: some View {




struct ReelsPlayer: View, Identifiable {

  var id: ObjectIdentifier

  @Binding var reel: Reel

  var body: some View {

    ZStack {




MediaFile struct:

struct MediaFile: Identifiable {

  var id = UUID().uuidString

  var url: String

  var title: String

  var isExpanded: Bool = false


var MediaFileJSON = [

  MediaFile(url: "Reel1", title: "Apple AirTag......."),

  MediaFile(url: "Reel2", title: "this is the second."),

  MediaFile(url: "Reel3", title: "the third"),

  MediaFile(url: "Reel4", title: "wooooooooooooo ya"),

  MediaFile(url: "Reel5", title: "ay ayayayayay ayay lsdfk sl"),

  MediaFile(url: "Reel6", title: "this is the last one....."),


Reel struct:

struct Reel: Identifiable {

  var id: String = UUID().uuidString

  var player: AVPlayer?

  var mediaFile: MediaFile

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