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Forum Email Spam


New Coder
Hi I just got registered myself so, welcome me 🙂 Emails from codeforum are going in spam folder.

Check image
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solve this issue!
First, I'd like to welcome you to Code Forum, @richardgaston! 🙂

Thank you for reporting this, I'll take a look in finding a resolution to this problem! 🙂
I've made some changes. Please let me know if any future emails go to the spam/junk folder.
Currently just using my hosts (cPanel).

I haven’t heard of Amazon SES, but I’ll take a look.

I am not sure about monetization of this forum right now and I realize amazon ses will be not cost effect at the moment. Please check SendGrid they provide 100 emails per day without any cost forever.
If nobody else is experiencing this issue, I am going to go ahead and mark this as solved due to Malcolm's changes to the way the site emails users. Can anyone confirm whether or not they are receiving emails or if they are going to spam?
I'll leave the thread open for now 🙂
Has anyone else experienced our emails going into the spam/junk folder recently? If so, please let us know so we can get on top of this!
Due to the inactivity of the post, I presume this thread is resolved. Thread has been moved to Solved.

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