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Read Me Forum Layout Changed + New Forums


Hello, Coders!

I have made major changes to the forum layout, in hopes to make it easier for new and existing coders when browsing the community. Please read carefully as some forums have been removed and some have been changes.

Coding/Programming Language > Split
Coding/Programming Languages has now been split into two categories - Front-End Languages and Back-End Languages. Within the front-end category, we've got the languages that are visible to the user e.g. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While back-end category, we've got everything that deals with server-side languages, this includes C++, Java, PHP etc. I have also changed the default thread type to question related posts. However, if not a question you can disable the voting feature. The forum Coding/Programing Languages were changed to Other Back-End Server Languages, this is where you post if there is no other forum that fits the language you are needing assistance with. Additionally, I have added a new forum called 'Terminal' into Back-End Development, this is where questions related to using the terminal, shell, git and or anything terminal related goes.

New Category Computer, Server and Hardware Configuration
This category is where questions/discussions regarding configuring computer and server software to hardware configuration. You can share your computer build, as questions on how to configure your web server or how to update your OS.

Operating System Category
The operating system category has been moved into Computer, Server and Hardware Configuration and all sub-forums were merged into Operating System.

Developments are now known as Project Development
I have renamed the Development forum to Project Development and moved Project Marketplace into Project Development as well. Please keep in mind that Web, Software, App and Game Development forums are for when getting help issues that have more than one language involved (HTML & CSS can be posted in Front-End). The databases forum has been moved to the Back-End Development category.

Summary of changes
Front-End Development
JavaScript: Sub-forum Node.js

Back-End Development
C Programming
Other Back-End Server Languages

Project Development
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Desktop Development
Game Development: Sub-forum Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot.
Project Marketplace

I hope you all like these changes! If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact any member of our staff team.

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