Free Cloud Storage Unlimited Server Solution!


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Mar 28, 2019
Now Realeasing the most powerful unlimited cloud storage solution. Customers can have free yes free 100% Cloud storage solution. The server has a total of 100PBSSD +900PB Of HDD
Plus expanding more. We can always expand with the more our customers need. No worries this is all paid for.


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Sep 7, 2019
@TwentySix Correct me if I am wrong, but this feels more of an advertisement for your business... :/
I agree with you. It also seems fake. Just look at this:

900PB Of HDD
I don't think a HDD(Hard-Disk-Drive) would be able to store that much in it. It's just too much. Especially for right now and the Technology that we currently have.

And this:
I'm just curious to know how on Earth......DO YOU HAVE THIS MUCH STORAGE!?!?!

With the current Tech we have right now, that's fake....And that's a fact. Right now, the largest you can possibly get for an SSD(And a HDD if I'm correct), is about 5TB for the SSD and about 1 or 2TB for the HDD.

So, this is fake, this is fake and....This is fake.

Not to mention that there are some Grammar-Errors with this. And as a person who pays attention to Grammar and facepalms at terrible Grammar, I'm going to look through this.

You spelt: "Releasing" wrong. Again, it's Releasing. Not, Realeasing.

Have free yes free
If I'm correct, that part would actually look like: "Have free, yes, free, 100% Cloud-Storage". I'm pretty sure it'd look something like that or along those lines at least.

No worries this is all paid for.
Pretty sure that you'd also have a Comma after 'Worries'.

So, going back to this being fake. With the extremely large and unrealistic Storage-Size and a couple of Spelling and Grammar Errors, it's safe to assume this is fake. Hell, there isn't even a bloody Link.