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C++ [fstream] Data Add, List and Search


New Coder
Hey guys,

A newbie here! šŸ‘‹

I have this problem, so I have to use c++ to add data to a txt file (item name, price) and after adding that I want to be able to save that txt file, be able to list all the data in the txt file and also search that txt file.

I am currently in the midst of programming this for one of my CS classes. Likewise, I have managed to create a void function to connect to the txt file and also a void function to add data to the txt file, somehow the data does not get stored. Every time I add a new item, it replaces the data in the txt file. I want to be able to create all add, list and search as void functions.

I am quite new to C++ and I have been trying my best to learn about fstream, ifstream and ofstream. If anyone can guide me in this I would really appreciate it.



New Coder
Here is the code I made for adding to the database, šŸ˜¬

void addDb() {
    string itemName;
    float itemPrice;
    int itemStock;

    ofstream dbfile;
     cout << "[Add New Furniture]" << endl;
     cout << "Please enter furniture name: " ;
     cin >> itemName;
     cout << "Please enter furniture unit price: " ;
     cin >> itemPrice;
     cout << "Please enter current stock in hand:" ;
     cin >> itemStock;
     dbfile << itemName << " " << itemPrice << " " << itemStock << "\n";
     cout << "\n" << endl;
     cout << "[Added Successfully]" << endl;