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JavaScript function run without being called


I am new to javascript and having a problem with some code.

It seems to me some of my functions are running even when not called.

The page loads and DOMContentLoaded event fires which is expected.
DOMContentLoaded event calls getRandomNumber which is also expected.
I enter a guess of the number and click submit, the mouseup event happens,
so far so good. But then getRandomNumber is called from the DOMContentLoaded
event which is not expected. I do not understand why DOMContentLoaded call back
is run again. I thought it runs once when all html, css and scripts are loaded.

There was code in those function but I replaced with alerts to
narrow down what is happening.

Thanks in advance!

var subBtn = document.getElementById('submit');      //submit button       
subBtn.addEventListener('mouseup',mup );          //release click on submit button
function mup(){               

function getRandomNumber() {                     //normally genertates random number
    alert("Got random#");

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", (event) =>     //runs after page fully loaded
Is the submit button in a form? If so, it could be that pressing the submit button causes a page reload, which calls the `DOMContentLoaded` event to fire a second time.
What happens when you use the `once` option?

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", (event) =>     //runs after page fully loaded
}, {once: true});
Ok, removed the form, now works as expected.
Darn, did not know about that behavior with the form but I am really new to this.
Thanks bud, been scratching my head for a night over this.

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