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Geofencing with NO internet conection?

Hello, Is it possible to make an app that when closed and screen off, with no internet/data connection, if user enter a concrete area (detected with GPS), app send a notification? (push-like)

I thought yes but then I saw that: https://www.rfwireless-world.com/Terminology/What-is-Geofencing-and-How-Geofencing-works.html

It seems it is not possible?? (they are talking about android, but what about iOS?)

Thanks in advance for the help.
Hi there,
As far as I am aware of, unfortunately, if you have no data connection, that means you have no network connection. If you have no data connection, you have no GPS. This idea would work if you are either connected to phone network or a wifi connection. If this indeed is possible without any data connection and without any wifi connection, I am all ears and eyes :).
I RETRACT MY EARLIER STATEMENT. I guess it is possible
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