Need help Get Html content from a page other than index.html


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May 13, 2019
So as some of you may know i have a website for my discord bot.

And i have the manager on manager.html

so my script is trying to get an id from manager.html

but i think whats happening is that it trys to get the data from index.html but its not refrenced in that. only in manager.html

Can anyone help with this issue? my project is Here and for some useful information..

my error is in main.js

src/DBScripts/main.js :) thanks in advance

function Main() {
  var MsgBtn = document.querySelector(".sendmsg");
  var StartBtn = document.querySelector(".start");
  var StopBtn = document.querySelector(".stop");
  var ClrLog = document.querySelector(".clrlogs");

  StartBtn.addEventListener("click", StartBot);
  StopBtn.addEventListener("click", StopBot);
  MsgBtn.addEventListener("click", SendMessage);
  ClrLog.addEventListener("click", ClearLogs);

it used to work when the data in manager.html was in index.html