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Getting compile error when trying to add migrations

Hi, I'm learning how to create E-Shops according to the manual, but now I'm stuck on a bug that I can't figure out. I create a custom migration but it throws me "build failed". Does anyone know how to resolve this?
I am putting a piece of translation of the manual below this text. Thank you in advance.

Now we will create our first custom migration. Let's run
Package Manager Console from Tools ->
NuGet Package Manager. As Default project
let's select our EShop.Data project as the Default Default.

In the Package Manager Console, add a new migration with the command
Add-Migration. The name of the migration, under which we
We will choose the name of the partial migration class. For example.
Identity. So the whole command is:
Add-Migration Identity:
Source: Lekce 2 - E-shop v ASP.NET Core MVC - Identity, databáze a layout

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

It's impossible to resolve when all you get is "Build failed". There must be more information somewhere. Perhaps there is a PM logfile somewhere, or maybe there is a verbose mode that spits out details.

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