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Hey there, everyone.

I'm sure you all know what Git is, correct? If not, then let me explain. Git is version-control-system("VCS"), that was invented by Linux Kernel creator, Linus Torvalds, for use in only the Linux Kernel. Since then, it has became the dominant VCS system for programmers and companies around the world. Many repository-hosting sites support Git - Most notable being GitHub. You can also find Git to now be supported in many different text-editors and IDEs.

I decided to start this thread up not only because I was bored and want to help boost a little bit more activity in CF as there isn't much else to talk about at the moment, but also because, CF itself uses GitHub(Which relies on Git), plus, many other users here on CF use Git as well.

So, feel free to discuss and talk about anything related to Git. You can talk about the changes that's happening with the software; what you like and don't like it about; you get the idea.

And of course - Be civil and avoid from causing a ruckus or else I'll unfortunately have to close the thread down for a while.
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However, I would recommend using GitLab or maybe even creating a own instance of it. It is also relatively easy to install such an instance. https://about.gitlab.com/install/
GitHub is owned by MS and MS is anything but trustworthy.
@Tealk, you've won again.

After reading your post, I've since decided to just change it to a regular Git discussion that will allow for other different repository-hosting sites to be discussed too. Also, thanks for linking to the installation page, which then links to the documentation page on how to install - I've been interested in looking at that for ages now.

@Tealk is also right, don't trust MS. They may seem to be in love with open-source, but really, they aren't. Don't trust them with anything else either - Including your personal-data. This, is why I stopped using GitHub months ago and when I want to do open-source development, I just upload the files and tell others that they're free to make changes.

Anyway, back to Git.
I also have a GitLab instance, but it's hardly ever used; I only have a few versions of documents there

GitTea is also supposed to be very good, I have only read good things about it so far.
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