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HTML Google forms upload file in html


Hello there,

I am trying to open a Google form so i can customize its look in html, so far all the fields type are ok & the submit action is working smoothly, but i have 2 issues:

1- the upload field action is working fine but seems not working as the file is not saved.

2- if any required field is not filled & the user clicks on submite it opens the Google forms to show that it is missing.

Any help?



Thank you old man,

I am getting this error : "some questions still need some attention"
even though I made a form with only this question (file upload)

& here's the code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- Created By Rawda IT Dept -->
<html lang="ar" dir="rtl">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<meta content="en-us" http-equiv="Content-Language" />
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://gc.kis.v2.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/FD126C42-EBFA-4E12-B309-BB3FDD723AC1/main.js?attr=msDi3ZUXJoO8vBJTQVx_tDLtuxHrJNJwEyD76upwfwlnVj6OxBte3VeVY-ChMr7WcY8me-dWpmP-6nNi5SFijG7kLSyyECXT8veVZ8y2fwehKCnSFAHBtrpDC1pqrUgmLoR7LsIN6K4bh1JmNHY-8603YSWlSZpO7mM2KUbRuLl0VOMWvNo9iI2c3QYsT72yUU0xeSaBxclTQA9qYLwgG7b419fFIvP9CTHrGky2aacMS_nEArenN_376_y4uHBoaxcdFh0B5icNKe4CJDmoLSPdpwkGniW2471S--VqVuS4NFpViIsnonceJj2MHESr8GuxE_2TJ5qhJErH7nnjpOsD8I1JJE9sC4SJXvtuUIK6QDgH2Wf4juFck3c8hZHRNl1CFKzPBNABPpAuZMovStYKL1mSfvcbB2cR1IhaXPKcUa8cwx5UcBl7xG7rPX7_yo06Mvbn1iAjUcpPGEKnBUj2Tb_wFjGrTK4iBp61_hZmJCnSnYmMDRro7FUcOV3oM40YMxpSrPinjZQ6RJss9n4q1HUPPOxIiGzUNQn5US43u71ain0z1EFfyQV5sepnWcFREG2C2H0_b2pLtGVA2-qnMa7Yk0xXKAXF6Y9ExpaqphBITnXZwL4G8nqt0YCpZKNRPEIy3jVDcXc8Q1oT0dBjPWhWaqk_1iOELwMUW1HpTplTVxn4qBCcTJxUisWXRK8sLO5fdVRSJlPBwpqnqDs5u7CsomuHMP8-D3Y6L5pJeY78tSPQGDi7iS9tdlE9lYs6bqyCuEcJgnJFruQ23w9DgMa_JZ7xJ-DJsxS8eONMyyWJFr9sZsRonumX_K8DzJRjUJFCMVRhLQ1wdK_Ytcn-FOQeqWdsPNbuo-cJFE1Sv9GwXQemCamrhBO9V98VZTnaVTl_lcZAF_aSoc4yO4rOcfR46sJZqjjM3XIZwm_14beTD5gMqq019sWHE_Rqgui_SPcK-WM0KkgXunTkg2cTYRUX4-hqG_O7YbLbHrvRObweoDs5SODkSi0T3T4jX8Bwm6FmAwse3MZkL90zuc4s01TVXecHSCp2P84eRwb4oeyuDICdUoAVArkvYrd8o51elcGhWu8ns8bN4qb4dnhN015VMQ-5dA7afbM0bcTE38BB2jlcS48rcfuUKYmAuPWyBE0Nz6VpyUWYnMW48SMR2hQ43V6hB5HOqWmFZujI3K8ethL-V5MzDOtbF1y16GQj_Nn5pVbBv3Dv7_cY5NMm1kwCfn6UfhItahyEvF5Erez4SSure_e1IHiSx2m7-9R36ISKNMJ0CU01EX0bqk4D5ZEw8afF1htzQaUJxSI3c-c4sg_DioXXKhZt8aTsX8jwas9_NtKfBOWprkbwWQ4PZsh3hLKW70X4Ib6FB2wx_0USED1OjMHdOMsrcIDaN_g7G03RWVCqHeOeqk7S9g" charset="UTF-8"></script><style type="text/css">
.auto-style1 {
    text-align: center;


<img alt="RawdaLogo" height="132" src="Rawda%20Logo%20-Website.png" width="183"></p>
<p class="auto-style1"><span lang="en-us">Form Description</span></p>
<p class="auto-style1">text 1 l1</p>

<form action="https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSfh89MDPiP_QeG91vBcKYuc8fzGhEq6lnmLq3EQb6btgZL9aw/formResponse" method="post">

<!--file upload-->   
    <span lang="en-us">Upload any file or photo here</span><input type="file" id="telecharger" name="entry.366340186">
<button type="submit">Send</button>




Still need permission. Why post the code you use to add an image to your google forms.
The idea @OldMan is not an image or only file, but the idea is customizing the google form in HTML for some application with number of Data .. The only field having problem is the upload files field / question.

It is not a permission error as you can upload it in google forms no?