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GPIO periphery issue


New Coder
Hi guys,
I need to control a couple of servos using my Raspberry Pi 3a so I installed Periphery via luarocks. The GPIO code for standard in and outputs works fine however I cant get the PWM system to work. If I add the require as in the code below all is fine until I add Open PWM which gives me an error.

"Opening PWM: "export": No such file or directory [errno 2]"

OS is Raspbian Buster (updated)
Coding with Geany

Thanks for any help in advance. :blush:

Regards Taz

PWM periphery:
local PWM = require('periphery').PWM

-- Open PWM chip 0, channel 10
local pwm = PWM(0, 10)

-- Set frequency to 1 kHz
pwm.frequency = 1e3
-- Set duty cycle to 75%
pwm.duty_cycle = 0.75

-- Enable PWM output