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Hello there, and thanks for clicking on this post when there is an entire sea of other introduction posts and content you could have clicked on. But I can't promise mine would be any more interesting than others.
My name is Matt, I used the username AnderMedia because it is the website name that I am using to construct an IT presence for future endeavors. I am currently a student taking online courses to learn programming and other necessities for network infrastructure. I love to program PHP and Python, though my skills aren't incredibly proficient. It is easy for my to read code and fix bugged code, but for some reason when I sit down to begin writing my own original source code my mind goes blank. Hah. I think it is funny because I have always considered myself a creative person. But I think this will go away in time with more practice and exposure to the programming languages at large.
I wanted to extend a offer of free hosting to anyone who might want a server to experiment with their scripts. I am not doing any paid hosting packages. Simply giving away a bit of space to those trying to practice and improve their skills.
Thanks for having me and I look forward to seeing, learning and contributing as much as I can around the forum!
Kind regards, Matt
Hi and welcome. Any idea why your mind goes blank when you try to start coding ? Perhaps daunted or overwhelmed by complexity and choices looming on the way ?
I'd say just start on it. Begin with the outline, a program that does sod all, then gradually add more stuff, little by little. The process is called "stepwise refinement" I believe. At all times you should have something that compiles cleanly, works, and that you fully understand. Perhaps all this is stating the bloody obvious, but perhaps it helps some.
Welcome to Code Forum, Matt! Look forward to seeing you around Code Forum, don’t hesitate to show that creative side of yours. 🙂
cbreemer, I thank you for your advice. And that has kind of always been my approach to working on a script. I familiarize and I add to it.
Thank you both for your responses of welcome!

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