Have you ever owned a Mac?


Active Coder
Apr 19, 2019
The first Mac I owned was an iBook G4 in middle school. They were required by the school, so every family did a rent-to-own plan with the school. In 6th grade we used school owned laptops to learn how to use them, how to take care of them, etc. In 7th we rented, and by 8th grade we owned them. It was very cool because I learned how to use things like Photoshop, iMovie, all the Microsoft products, and even things like Dreamweaver by the end of 8th grade. Since every student was required to own the same laptop, every single class we took had us using our laptops to take notes, plan projects, create presentations, and even create websites and short videos instead of boring poster boards & slideshows.

After that I owned a MacBook Air, but that wasn't until my college days when I was around 18 or 19.
Both are long broken, so I use a variety of Windows PCs & laptops / 1 Linux Laptop now.

What about you all?