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Hello Everyone!


New Coder

I am Jimmy, I have been into programming and web development for the last 15+ years. I love anything to do with technology, and I spend a lot of my time on the PC when I am free. Below I have listed some of the languages I have worked with in the past. I am always trying to learn new languages, and hopefully become a better developer in the ones I currently know.

1. VB.NET​
2. C#​
3. C++​
4. Python​
5. Ruby​
Web Development

1. HTML / HTML5​
2. CSS​
3. PHP​
4. Javascript​

Some of these languages I am very proficient, and some of them I would say I am at a beginner level. I have used a lot of the web dev languages as of recent. I am looking forward to further my skills in web development, as I would like to learn how to utilize more frameworks such as React & Angular.

I look forward to meeting and talking with everyone!
Hello Jimmy,

Welcome to Code Forum! You have a very impressive skill set. Have you ever built anything that you're most proud of?

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