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Hello from Berlin, trying to learn D3 in JavaScript


New Coder

I am 43 years old, from Berlin and originally studied statistics and mathematics. At first I had a job as a clinical data manager and clinical programmer using SAS. Those didn't go well, there was always knowledge or experience missing in order to do the job to their satisfaction.

Then I had a job as an onboarding agent, didn't code there at all but it was the job I had longest.

Now I have a new job which I got due to luck and coincidence. I did three training courses for it: JavaScript, PHP and C (the original one). I know SQL already. I received very good grades in those courses but they were for beginners. The work in jobs is always more difficult and now I am confronted with D3 which feels like a completely new language. Not only that but it also looks abstract and not intuitive with lots of fragments put together. It is difficult to see from the code alone what it does. With standard code I could see and analyze it.

I watched a 19h video and reading a 600 page book about D3, but can still not understand most of how it works. Maybe a job with less programming is better, I don't know. I thought I am IT affine but I don't see myself as a full developer/programmer like my friend is.

I already asked a question, probably was to general:

What is the best way to learn D3? Thanks