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Hello, I'm Malcolm!


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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself to you! So let's get started - My name is Malcolm, I am the owner of CodeForum.ORG, I was born and raised in Canada's Capital. Besides my height growing over the years, so has my interest in computers. From a very young age I was introduced to the PC Master race, from being a crappy gamer to even being a worse gamer I have turned the tables and decided to make them, along with other things such as software and mobile apps.

I'm no expert in this stuff, in-fact I am a beginner, mostly everything I know about coding/programming was all self-taught. And having this site I hope to gain more knowledge with computer programming world, but this site isn't just for me - it's for everyone who wants to take their imagination and make into something real. I'm this community can be used as a place to share tips & tricks, guides & tutorials to posting computer specs and getting help with a tricky bug. This site is to help you succeed and *Cough* *Cough* Oh right this is my introduction, everyone!

Malcolm 🙂
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This is a great forum to join and learn new things about web design and web programming.

I hope to see you around and reading your posts.

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