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Help with pulling in product details


New Coder
I am not a developer or programmer but am rather in the marketing realm. I'm working on implementing some tracking for an e-commerce website, and I'd like to add to the script I have so that way the product details (pricing, name, id) get pulled in with the tracking. I know this is a fairly easy thing to accomplish, but I need to guidance! The script as-is is correctly tracking events, so it is just adding in this supplemental information.

<script type = "text/javascript">
   var vendor = window.vendor || [];
   vendor.track("Added To Cart", {{Add to Cart}});

I believe I'd need to add something like the below, but can you explain to me what I'd put after the equal sign and why?
<script type = "text/javascript">
   var vendor = window.vendor || [];
        item['name'] =
        item['price'] =
        item['quantity'] =
        item['cartItemId'] =
        item['productId'] =
        item['name'] =
        item['category'] =
   vendor.track("Added To Cart", {{Add to Cart}});

Editing to also add another script that I'm trying to do the same thing on:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var vendor = window.klaviyo || [];
    var orderedItems = window.GEE_cartproducts;
    vendor.track("Placed Order", orderedItems);

I know the information is there are well (see screenshot) so I just need it to dynamically fill it based on the product!
Thank you so much for your help! Hopefully, I posted this in the correct forum category.


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I think you need quotes inside that object {{Add to Cart}}.
I also know item['productRating']['name'] or only item['name'] should be.
Try like item['property name'] = (object getting data from)[0].(property by name) for that.
You could also maybe combine scripts into one large script if you like wanted.
X E.

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