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Hi CodeForum ;D


New Coder
Hi all, I came by and am In need of help with some technical questions about JS. If anyone is interested to help, nothing hard for expirienced coders I guess, let me know.

All the best to you all. :)


Hello! Welcome to Code Forum!

JavaScript can be a little difficult, but very rewarding! If you need help with JavaScript head on over to the JavaScript forum.

What made you interested in JavaScript?


New Coder
I guess coronavirus lockdown made me interested in it and when I realised how far I got with it, I cant just let it go now. There are some things that are not completely clear like fully reusable code and I need practice because my codes work but are not very easy to read, but yeah, coronavirus definetely.


Active Coder
Community Partner
Welcome to Code Forum :D

I hope you enjoy your stay. The site is growing every day and we are glad to have you.
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