Hi, everyone


I came here because I feel stuck in my career as a DevOps engineer working for one of the FAANG. I lost my spark after several years here, my excitement and hunger to learn so much more. I started reading The Battle Hardened Developer and am still in the first part of the book, which explains that first and foremost, social media is public enemy number one because it saps all of our energy and excitement. So, I got off facebook and searched specifically for coding forums and this seemed to be the most prominent. After going through some forums and posts on here, I can feel that excitement starting to warm up again. I'll probably lurk for a while, rather than posting, but I think I will enjoy it.
Hi @ChaoticSalmon, Welcome to Code Forum :)

We're so happy to have you here, if I may have you thought about creating anything yet, or are you still exploring?
Thanks, Malcolm. Still exploring, but there is something I'd like to do and that's build something that can take a song and choreograph the on/off triggering of relays to control light shows. I know products like this already exist, but I want to build one just for the fun of it.
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