Hello Carl.

Welcome to Code Forum!

May I ask how long you have been programming for?
Since leaving school in 1983, started on Tandy TRS-III using Basic, moved onto HP 150 Micros using QuickBasic, then HP 3000s using Cobol, then DEC PHP 11s writing in MUMPS and MIIC, then Visual Basic, then recently I have moved to a dedicated programmer in a Laravel/VueJS/PHP/JS environment.

Also teaching myself all the different frameworks like Astro.JS / Laravel (doing both back and front end), also improving my HTML/JS and now learning how to use Tailwind for CSS

Not an expert in anything, just familiar on how it hangs together and attack google when I have issues, I've found this forum as I am currently struggling understanding how the back end of Docusign works as am trying to implement it into our system.
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