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New Coder
Hello! I first got acquainted with programming in 2013, I did it for a long time and then not, at that time I did not have the Internet, I had to go to a classmate to download some educational material on the Internet)) but even then I realized that this is exactly what I want to do. In 2015, I entered the university for the first time at the department of applied mathematics, studied for almost a year, but left because it was difficult and I could not pay for my studies. a year later, I already had a working profession, had a permanent income and entered the university for the second time. now I work as a teacher at a computer academy, teach children web development, introduce them to various programming languages. Due to the fact that I am interested in many directions, I do not have a clear stack of technologies that I would know well. However, over the last year, I have started to actively engage in web development, and I am confidently studying all aspects of back-end and front-end, and I finally started to learn English (now I write through a translator, I can’t make complex sentences yet, my level is A1- A2). My first programming language was Pascal, after that I got to know C++ and it is my love. Therefore, now, in addition to the web, I am actively studying Qt, specifically for Android, because for the desktop I roughly understand how and what, and for Android there are pitfalls.
Hi, and welcome to Code Forum :)

Happy to have you here; quite the amazing journey you've had so far. If I may, what do you like about programming that drives you to want to learn?

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