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CSS hover a Hyperlink and show and element by it's ID possible ?


Well-Known Coder
Hi everyone,

How display (for example a <DIV>) when I hover a link <a> by it's #id Selector ?

Because when I look the CSS Combinators

I see only
  • descendant selector (space)
  • child selector (>)
  • adjacent sibling selector (+)
  • general sibling selector (~)

the problem is my DIV is none of those ! it's somewhere else in the page and I want to select it (to make it appear) when I hover another element (link for example) by it's ID !

is it possible ?

Anything is possible. But it's not clear (at least to me) what you want.
I don't see where the <div> comes in. You say it is somewhere else in your page, then why do you need to "make it appear" ?
Forget about (im)possible implementations and let's try to understand the issue. So you have a link in your page and when you hover the mouse over it, what exactly do you want to happen ?
And is it a requirement that you do it with CSS only ? I have a feeling this would need to be implemented in JavaScript, using GetElementById(). Or maybe not... Does this example help ?
Thank you @cbreemer
what exactly do you want to happen ?
When this link is hover by the mouse I would like that a <DIV> that is not descendant nor child appear.

I make it work with javascript, but I rather avoid as much as possible javascript.

So I was wondering if it was possible with CSS ?

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