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C# How can I add objects to a list of variable size from user input


New Coder
I am a newbie on C# and I am trying to make a program to handle orders from customers. I created my object and added a method to read the user input but I am still struggling with creating a list where user can add products by putting in their properties ( name, code and price).

Here is what I got so far :

public class Produit
public string? NomProduits { get; set; }
public string? CodeProduits { get; set; }
public string? PrixProduits { get; set; }

public class AttributsProduits

public static void AjouterProduits ()
Produit ReadProduits()
return new Produit()
NomProduits = Console.ReadLine(),
CodeProduits = Console.ReadLine(),
PrixProduits = Console.ReadLine(),

I created the object and its attributes, and added a method to read said attributes from the user. This is what I did for the list but Im getting an error CS1729 :

List<Produit> produits = new List<Produit>();

produits.Add(new Produit(NomProduits));
produits.Add(new Produit(CodeProduits));
produits.Add(new Produit(PrixProduits));

Can anyone help me with this please?

Adding objects to an existing list
First of all, your code is very hard to read with everything shifted left. Please post code in proper code tags. Also, post errors in their context so that it is clear on which line they occur (i.e. paste the compiler output). Does the text of the error not make clear what the issue is ? You don't have a constructor for class Produit that takes one string argument.
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