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HTML & CSS How can i change body bgcolor by sliding slider ?


New Coder
Am I able to also change colour by sliding the same slider I use to change image size ?



        <p><-- low temp.</p><div class="slidecontainer">

        <input type="range" min="15" max="25" value="15" class="slider" id="Slider">

        </div><p>high temp. --></p>

        <img src="https://pngimg.com/uploads/silver/silver_PNG17187.png" id="Elon">

            const slider = document.getElementById('Slider');

            slider.addEventListener('input', handleChange);

            function handleChange(e) {
              const img = document.getElementById("Elon");
              const {value, max} = e.target;
              img.style.width = `${value*max}px`;
              img.style.height = `${value*max}px`;


Tnx a lot.
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Active Coder
You could make an array with keys between 15 and 25 and values of color hex codes, then every time it changes look up the corresponding value in the array and set the CSS of the item's color to that hex value.


Staff Team
Hi there!

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From my understanding is that you would like to create a similar slider that you use to change the size for changing the colour, is that correct?

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