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JavaScript How can I fix this code?


New Coder
Good afternoon,

I seem to be having some problems with my codepen.io pen. I followed a tutorial to the T to get this code to work and it still doesn't seem to work correctly.

Would someone mind taking a look at this to see what the problem is? Thank you.

Very Respectfully,

Taylor Phelps

This is the link to the tutorial that I followed. It was posted in 2017 so I highly doubt that it's a version issue.

I am trying to create a banner that rotates through 3 different images as well as create arrow buttons that iterate forward and backward through the images.
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What is it about it that's not working?

Specifically, I can see line 92 of the pen you linked to has a missing closing brace "}". This makes the banner work going forward but it bugs out on pressing the previous button. Is it the looping you need help with or was it simply spotting the syntax error?
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