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C# How can I learn ASP .NET for web design

Hi everyone,
My goal is to learn the C# language for web design.
A friend of mine, who has been a programmer for many years, said I should learn the following in order:

1- HTML and CSS
2- Bootstrap
3- JavaScript
4- JQuery

1- C#
2- Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Approach
3- ASP .NET (Core) and one of the following:
3-1- MVC
3-2- EF Core
3-3- Identity
3-4- Web API

My question is:
1. Is the above path correct?
2. How can I learn the above at an acceptable speed?
3. What are the perfect resources for learning above?

I have to say that I am an applied math student right now.

I find https://roadmap.sh, But I don't know that the proposed path is appropriate or not.

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