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Python How can i terminate a task in task manager using python?


New Coder
Well its a long story,i'll give you details in the comments for people who are intrested in helping me,before i start i do not have admin and im locked out of bios,my dad has a software called norton family,it has many features,and most i have bypassed,except for the deleting "suspicious" files one and more importantly,the time limit one,we're only going to focus on the time limit one,a few months back i found out if i terminate a specific task called NF.EXE,it would prevent the time limit from appearing for 5 seconds,then it would just boot back up again in a matter of seconds.The problem is that there are 2 NF.EXE in task manager and its a guessing game,but it doesnt take long to figure out which one will stop norton family from appearing for 5 seconds,i want a script that can terminate the correct NF.EXE preferrably in python,you can tell if you chosen the correct NF.EXE,because in task manager it won't say something along the lines of "you dont have administrator privileges" and it will also disappear for 5 seconds,if none of those things happen,you picked the wrong one.Thanks 🙂

I didn't really try anything,i asked reddit but that didnt seem to help.
Here’s an example Python script that attempts to terminate the NF.EXE processes and checks for the correct one:
import psutil
import time

def terminate_nf():
    # Get the list of processes
    processes = [proc for proc in psutil.process_iter(['pid', 'name']) if 'NF.EXE' in proc.info['name']]
    for proc in processes:
            proc.terminate()  # Attempt to terminate the process
            time.sleep(5)  # Wait for 5 seconds
            # Check if the process is still running
            if proc.is_running():
                print(f"Process {proc.info['name']} with PID {proc.info['pid']} is still running.")
                print(f"Terminated {proc.info['name']} with PID {proc.info['pid']}.")
        except (psutil.NoSuchProcess, psutil.AccessDenied):
            print(f"Failed to terminate {proc.info['name']} with PID {proc.info['pid']}. Access Denied.")

if __name__ == "__main__":

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