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Java How do I add exponents and parentheses to my code?


New Coder
This is the pastebin for my code: pastebin.com/gV01kTje

Basically I have an assignment where I need to create a calculator capable of up to 3 step equations and being able to do all PEMDAS operations in PEMDAS order. So far I've gotten it up to 3 step operations and being able to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in PEMDAS order, but I don't know where I would even start with trying to implement parentheses and exponents into my code. Can someone ease help me out?
Maybe try search for a parenthesis or power first, identify first things to do as separate equations and simplify.
Do things in order, identify most inner first and start removing parentheses sets.
Do things with precedence: parentheses, power, multiply and divide, add and subtract.
Just try for doing inner first and in that order.
If you did multiply first before add this should be easy.
X E.

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