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JavaScript How do I display a div over a div then disappear after 10 seconds?


I have a SWF file that I play on my website. But before this SWF plays, I want to play another SWF file before it. It's about 10 seconds. So I have a two DIVs: one containing the SWF file that I want to play before, and the other div to contain the SWF I want to present. I believe Jquery can be used to solve my problem. Can anyone help? I tried searching the internet but found no solution. Any help would be gladly appreciated! Thanks!
I don't have time to write the code right now, but you can use a setTimeout function to do something after 10 seconds...

<div id="swf_box">
<!-- put your first swf embed html here to start-->


    var secondSwfHTML = ""; // put your second SWF embed code in that variable
    // do something after 10 seconds:
     $("#swf_box").html(secondSwfHTML); // this will replace first swf with second swf
    }, 10000);
    /* If you can't figure it out, hire us :)
}); //document ready
Awesome! Glad you figured it out, remember to select best answer!

If your answer didn't come from CodeForum perhaps share how you solved and the sources :)
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