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How do you approach testing and debugging in your web development process?


New Coder
Hey everyone,

As web developers, we all know the drill - you write code, and then spend what feels like an eternity testing and debugging it. It's a crucial, albeit sometimes frustrating, part of our job. But it's also where the magic happens, turning good code into great, seamless user experiences.

I'm curious to know, how do you approach testing and debugging in your web development process? Are there specific tools or practices that have become your go-to strategies?

Personally, I've found that a methodical approach, combined with robust tools, can make a huge difference. It's about striking that balance between being thorough and efficient. At JPGlobal, for instance, we’ve refined our processes to ensure we not only meet but exceed quality standards. We’ve learned that a good debugging strategy can save hours of work and significantly improve the end product.

What are your thoughts and experiences? What tools and techniques do you rely on? Let’s share our knowledge and maybe pick up some new tricks along the way!
I normally just write most of like my code as it seems like it should be and then run it in a web browser, if it works, good, if not, then debug, find errors using console, and fix coded bugs whether they are that kind of error or not. Like my strategies for debugging normally include test what features I want, if not correct then improve. I also try for efficiency, things like length-1 to 0 and reuse everything and stuff like that. I just write HTML pages mostly. X E.

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