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CSS How many cursor entries till the browser starts to lag?


New Coder
Hey there,

Just as much I'd like to have added a background picture I wanted to have a cursor scale automatically to a smaller size since anything above 32x32 will get replaced by a backfall entry that has to be provided in order for the cursor to work at all.
I extracted the cursor SVG from Cute Cursors, studied its structure, and changed its size for each entry, the first version was going down in 16px steps from 128.
A few days ago I got around my laziness and started 1px steps resulting in 97 entries which after like 80 entries start to show as plain text in the Stylus editor and doing it in the editor itself would lag it out after ~40 steps. (scrolling past it also lags)

I'd like to look for a more resource-friendly solution.


Without code or a link to a site we can't help. I'm am an old programmer and find it hard to understand what you did and why your having a problem. Please try to explain clearer.