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HTML & CSS how to add useable year select for my page


New Coder
have stamps pages by year. instead long list of years i prefer single dropdown select list. but i am not able to link selected to a local html file.plz.help


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New Coder
Here is an example you will need to tailor to your needs:

<select id="dynamic_select">
  <option value="" selected>Pick a Website</option>
  <option value="http://www.google.com">Google</option>
  <option value="http://www.youtube.com">YouTube</option>
  <option value="https://www.gurustop.net">GuruStop.NET</option>

      // bind change event to select
      $('#dynamic_select').on('change', function () {
          var url = $(this).val(); // get selected value
          if (url) { // require a URL
              window.location = url; // redirect
          return false;