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C# How to compare two Sharepoint Lists and add Item from one list into the other one?



Please I really need helpšŸ™

LG Donler
What I would do... is I'd make a "Dictionary(of String, String)" This will make a Dictionary object with a Key of String and a Value of String.
Then, I'd load your entire first list into it... the one with the Email and the Steuernummer. The KEY being the Email, the VALUE being the Steuernummer.
Now, when processing your SECOND list, you can simply check if the email is present in the Dictionary, and if it is, copy in the Steuernummer.

    Dictionary<string, string> dic = new();

    if (dic.ContainsKey(email))
        String steuernummer = dic[email];
        //Add steuernummer to List 2