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Node.JS how to fix connect ENETUNREACH on npm on linux


New Coder
i am not using a proxy im just a noob trying to learn how to develop with `create-react-app` locally on my machine(linux)

this is the output of `tracepath registry.npmjs.org`

1?: [LOCALHOST] 0.020ms pmtu 1500
1: 2001:4451:664:1400:caf6:c8ff:fef2:bdcb 2.906ms !N
1: 2001:4451:664:1400:caf6:c8ff:fef2:bdcb 0.995ms !N
Resume: pmtu 1500

i think this proves im not using a proxy.

but i keep getting this error

npm ERR! syscall connect

for anything npm. i dont know what to do.

i have tried..

1. deleting the package.json in my home directory. deleting the
2. package-lock.json in my home directory. deleting the .npm directory
in my home direcory.
3. clearing the cache with the npm config command
4. setting https-proxy from the config to null setting proxy from the
5. config to null setting the registry to https://registry.npmjs.org
6. setting the registry to htpp://registry.npmjs.org uninstalled npm
7. and dependencies then reinstalled unintsalled npm and dependencies then installed nvm and reinstalled node through that

`npm install --verbose` doesnt say any error messages

please somebody help me, i try just about anything shy of reinstalling my os.
Those error lines spewed by npm are pretty damn useless...
Back when I was still working with Linux, first thing I'd have done is run my command under strace, specifying network tracing only, and search in the output for ENETUNREACH. That at least should make clear what it's failing to connect to (which might not be registry.npmjs.org for all we know).
So you could try
strace -o strace.log -e trace=%file <your-npm-command-here> vi strace.log

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