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Node.JS How to forward messages from .txt into discord channel?


New Coder
I'm playing the game GTA SA MP, and in this chat system the category that I would like to redirect to discord always starts like this -> [CLAN]. And a notepad file named chatlog.txt is automatically saved in the computer, but once opened, nothing is saved until I close it and open it again, then the new messages appear. How, or in what way, could I redirect those messages with a robot on discord? Specifically, I have no knowledge of coding, I only know how to make a discord robot, but not where to host it. I thought that uptime robot would be a good solution. I'm asking for help with scripting, is it possible to somehow write the messages on discord from the .txt file or some script to monitor the current chat in the game and forward it?
im trying to write a small discord bot which is watching a txt file and post the content, everytime the file changes. it should post only the new line from the txt
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