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C++ How to get C++ to identify colors in a webcam.


New Coder
Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project, and it is a marble track like Marbula One. It's like a formula one track for marbles. I need a way to get a program to identify different colored marbles and to start, stop, and record times for them when they pass a certain part of the track. What should I start with, and what should I know to start coding this. Thank you so much in advance!
To get C++ to identify colors in a webcam, you can use computer vision libraries like OpenCV. First, capture frames from the webcam. Then, apply color segmentation techniques to isolate specific colors by thresholding. Finally, analyze the segmented regions to identify and process the colors accordingly. For more detailed insights and discussions on this topic, you can explore related threads on Quora where experts often share their experiences and tips on using OpenCV for color detection with C++ in webcam applications.
Doing pretty much nothing is not going to get you anywhere. Try to take a few first steps at least.
Set up your webcam in the required spot, shoot a video and feed it into your computer. Beforehand, think about the speed of your marbles and choose an adequate video framerate so you get several video frames of the moment a marble passes by (I'm just guessing you may need them). Look for software, like that library suggested by @Michel-may, that can analyze your video.

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