Java Tutorial How to learn java in 13 mins.


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May 13, 2019
I found this tutorial really helpful to me so I would like to show you this and hopefully help you in the future.

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Sep 7, 2019
While sometimes it's great to learn how to Code online, I would highly not recommend it. Especially if the Video's Title is something like: "Learn JavaScript in 12 Minutes" or "Learn C++ in 14 Hours".

You really only learn the basic Syntax of Languages if you watch Videos like that. What you should instead be getting is an overview of what things like Classes are for, what they do etc. Rather than just: "Now let's move onto Classes. Classes are a part of OO-Programming and you can use them for things like storing information about a function, blah, blah, now type this in even though I gave possibly the worst explanation imaginable."

I would highly recommend that everyone learns from a Programming-Book. Books are a great way to learn Programming as they actually go in-depth as to what things like Classes do and how to use them and how they work etc. I've got a Book about Java and it's what got me into the Language. But, this Java Book also went into detail about everything and how things worked which is why I liked it so much and again, it's why it got me into Java.

So, please. Ignore Videos online that claim to teach you a Language in like 12 Minutes or something. You can't learn a Language in Minutes, Hours, or Days. It takes Months, maybe even a Year or two to learn a lot about a Language.

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