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Python How to pass additional information with PyQt5's: QTableWidget::cellDoubleClicked(int row, int column)


New Coder
I understand that the cellDoubleClicked method passes the row and the column to a specified function, but how can I send additional information as function arguments? For example the list the table was filled with.

if I have the following fuction (with functools.partial imported):
[CODE lang="python" title="Make Table Function"]
def makeTable(self, dataSet, layout):
cols = len(dataSet[0]) #columns
rows = len(dataSet) #rows

table = qtw.QTableWidget()


for i in range(len(dataSet)):
for j in range(len(dataSet)):
table.setItem(i,j, QTableWidgetItem(dataSet[j]))

table.cellDoubleClicked.connect(partial(self.cellClick, i, j, dataSet))

The Line
 table.cellDoubleClicked.connect(partial(self.cellClick, i, j, dataSet))
always ends up passing the last iteration of i and j.
If I omit them, and send them a function like this for example:
[CODE lang="python" title="Example cell click function"] def cellClick(self, r, c, dataSet):
print('here: ', r, ' ', c, ' ', dataSet[r][c], '\n', dataSet)
ends up with a "TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable" error.
Is there a way I can send the row and column of a cell double clicked, and the associated data set along with it?
On the off chance anyone ever see's this post, I created a solution to this problem:

if you go back to your data set/list declaration and declare it with "self.listname"
[CODE lang="python" title="Example list declaration"]self.listName = [] [/CODE]
You can then access that list anywhere else in your class without having to pass it as a variable.

Furthermore you can access the line you want with in your on-click function with:
[CODE lang="python" title="Example on-click function"]def cellClick(self, r, c):
myList = self.previouslyDeclaredList
item = self.table.item(r, c)
item = item.text()

# Do what you want with your list, table, rows, and columns


This works, but any other solutions would be greatly accepted
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