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JavaScript How to triple nest quotes in JS?


Active Coder
Hi, how can I triple nest quotes so

jQuery(".navigation a[href*=#"+rnrSection+"]").parent().addClass("active");

has quotes around the # sign?

I am getting an

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .navigation a[href*=#”+rnrSection+”]

that I think has to do with that.
I'm not sure why you talk about "triple nest quotes" and "quotes around the # sign" ? I'm not seeing any of that here. Just the straightforward string concatenation

".navigation a[href*=#" + rnrSection + "]"

which looks syntactically correct to me. At least in JavaScript, but I don't know if jQuery has different ideas.
Are you sure the error message pertains to the quotes ? Have you pasted the complete error message ? It looks truncated to me. Could it be the asterisk is wrong ? It looks wrong to me (but I know beans about jQuery). In any case I would recommend some spacing for readability.
Note that if you need nested quotes, you can use ' ' inside " " or vise versa. Or you can escape the inner quotes with a backslash.
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