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HTML Hyperlinks Keep Changing By Themselves?


New Coder
New to HTML here; previous web development experience only comes from Wordpress. I'm working on building a new website for a client and currently have a downloaded version of his website currently uploaded to a host as a temporary solution to maintaining his web presence. Everything on the site works perfectly, except for hyperlinks in all of the inventory pages such as this one here (https://legacylifttrucks.com/default867f.html...) which go to pages that don't exist, and I am asking for help to correct these links to go to the proper pages.

I initially thought this would be as easy as editing hyperlinks to redirect them to the correct page, but upon further inspection there is no such code in the html file, yet when I use Inspect on Chrome, there is additional code that isn't in the source file (shown in images below) in the VehBody heading, which is where each of the listings are. Anyone have any idea where the page is actually pulling this info from? I tried implanting the code from Inspect into the html file and then changing the link, which worked on my computer but on the live website it went back to linking to broken links.

Again, my only experience here is in Wordpress, so any help or insight is greatly appreciated.
Link to Pastebin of Inspect source code (https://pastebin.com/Et8bMyna)
Hmmm... there's tons of scripting going on here, both in the page and in dozens of external scripts. Could be quite a task to find out where the (apparently outdated) data for these links comes from. Frankly, I don't see anybody here embarking on that task... I think you'll either need to debug it or ask the help of the website creator.

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