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Python I cannot slice Strings in a list


Active Coder

I have a list of Strings whose contents begins with 5 characters, always the same, that I do not wanna. I want to get rid of them all for all the list individual contents.

My code is something like this:

for item in ENG_list:
    item = item[5:]


Sadly, ENG_list, as printed, still contains the beginning characters. What do I do wrong?
You could do something like this
alist = ['12345ham', '12345spam', '12345spammy']

alist = [item[5:] for item in alist]


I would recommend making a copy to do the changes.
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Hello there! Printing the string ENG_list wont show the sliced version after the for loop. It’ll show only the original version. I testing it to print “item” which seems to work but when you try to change how much to slice it still shows nothing. So i decided just to use the simplest one

ENG_list = "Hello"

the variable ENG_list has “Hello” in it. on the 2nd line the print will print ENG_list but sliced which will be 5 characters. Also keep in mind spaces count as characters

I hope this helped
Like they said above, you assigned the new item to a variable called item, which you should've appended onto a new list, and printed the original list. I hope this was useful!

ENG_list =["asdfhklll","asdfhklll","asdfhklll","asdfhklll"]
new_list = []
for item in ENG_list:
    item = item[5:]

ENG_list = new_list


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