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HTML & CSS Ideas For Gaming Website


So this is a post where I do and I don't need help. I have been creating a website for my Programming 2 class using AI per his instructions, and it went well. The project has come to an end, but I still want to work on it because I find coding interesting. I have a couple questions that I want to ask about it.
1. What are some things that I could add to the website? LIke just ideas basically.
2. What is a good AI for programming. I currently use PerplexityAI and ChatGPT, but ChatGPT can't handle all of it since the code is kind of getting long now. PerplexityAI is great, but there is a maximum of 3 uploads per day, and I can't pay for the upgrade to get unlimited uploads. So are there any other AI's that could help me, like ChatGPT and PerplexityAI?
3. Are there any things that I could possibly be fixing in the code? Like any bugs or errors? Also please mind all the indentations errors!
Here is my website:
Gaming Website


  • GamingWebsite.zip
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