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If s/o can help me translating my code in Python to C plsss ^^'


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def determinate(automaton, replace=False, is_determinate=False, do_complete=False):

    done = 0

    conserve = []

    states = list(automaton.states)

    next_states = copy.deepcopy(automaton.next_states)

    initial_states = list(automaton.initial_states)

    terminal_states = list(automaton.terminal_states)

    initial_composite = ''.join(letter + (STATE_SEPARATOR if initial_states[-1] != letter else '') for letter in initial_states)

    initial_next_state = []

    is_terminal = any(state in terminal_states for state in initial_states)

    for state in initial_states:

        if state in next_states:

            for _state in next_states[state]:

                if _state not in initial_next_state:


    if is_determinate:

        letter_next = {letter: 0 for letter in automaton.alphabet}

        for _state in initial_next_state:


        if any([letter_next[letter]>1 for letter in letter_next]):

            return False


        states.insert(0, initial_composite)

        next_states[initial_composite] = list(initial_next_state)

    if is_terminal:


    for state in states:

        letter_next = {letter: [] for letter in automaton.alphabet}

        if state in next_states:

            for _state in next_states[state]:


        for letter in letter_next:

            if len(letter_next[letter])>1:

                done = 1

                if is_determinate:

                    return False


                    composite = set(list(_state for _state in letter_next[letter]))

                    matched = match(automaton, states, initial_states, composite, conserve)

                    if matched:

                        next_states[state].append([matched, letter])


                        process_composite(automaton, states, initial_states, automaton.alphabet, next_states, composite, conserve)

                        next_states[state].append([match(automaton, states, initial_states, composite, conserve), letter])

    if not done:

        if is_determinate:

            return True


        for state in initial_states:

            if state not in conserve:

                del next_states[state]

                del states[states.index(state)]

                if state in terminal_states:

                    del terminal_states[terminal_states.index(state)]

        next_states[initial_composite] = [_state for _state in next_states[initial_composite] if _state not in initial_next_state]

        if do_complete:

            save = list(automaton.states), copy.deepcopy(automaton.next_states)

            automaton.states, automaton.next_states = states, next_states

            states, next_states = complete(automaton, replace=False, special=True)

            automaton.states = save[0]

            automaton.next_states = save[1]

        if replace:

            automaton.states = states

            automaton.next_states = next_states

            automaton.initial_states = [initial_composite]

            automaton.terminal_states = terminal_states

            if do_complete:

                automaton.is_complete = True

            automaton.is_determinate = True

            automaton.rename(automaton.name + ' (déterministe' +

                             (' et complet' if complete else '') + ')')

            automaton.is_standard = is_standard(automaton)



            automaton = Automaton(automaton.alphabet, states,

                             next_states, [initial_composite],

                             terminal_states, tag=[automaton,

                                 'det'+('+cpt' if complete else '')], name='', bools=[

                                 False, True, do_complete or automaton.is_complete, False])

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Staff Team

Does not sound like 'help me translate it', but rather 'translate it for me' :laugh:. Give us some context, how experienced are you with Python and C? What have you tried so far?