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I'm Available For Work - Read For More Info


King Coder
Hey there, CF.

Let me introduce myself. I'm @Mathematical. I'm a programmer, documentation-writer, tester, and I've even ran my own websites in the past. Right now, I'm not doing very much at the moment and so as a result of that, I'm looking for work to do.

My experience and skills:
  • Experience in several programming-languages and paradigms - Including C, Java, Lua, HTML, and CSS. I have been programming for a couple of years now.
  • I was the original creator of the WebWareBox project - A piece of free(As in freedom), web-software that could be installed onto sites, allowing files to be uploaded. It never got far though and is still having a bumpy ride, constantly being transferred between hands.
  • I have helped with writing documents and documentation for different things.
  • I have previously ran blogs and forums in the past. I even have experience moderating forums too. Note that I only have experience with SimpleMachinesForum(SMF) and WordPress, but I'm open to trying out and learning software that I haven't used before.
  • I have helped with testing things out and have giving feedback on these things that I test.
  • I am able to adapt to new things quickly, with little to no questions being asked.
  • I have decent experience with the Git version-control-system - Although, I do have a strong hate for it too, so just be aware of that in the case I start going nuts over it.
  • I also work with a few, but very great tools and utilities. That includes: EMACS; Eclipse; GPG(I haven't used it very much though, so apologies if I ask questions on things like keys and that); and GNU/Linux(I have a bit of experience working with the terminal as well). I should also note that I use several ways of communication, including IRC, so I won't have any troubles when it comes to setting-up ways to communicate between each of us.

I'm doing all of this completely free of charge. Financial gain is not my motivation.

Although, there are some things that I'd like to set out before you do contact me:
  • You may not ask me for personal-details - That includes my real name, age, country, and other bits of personal-information. I say this as I want to protect my privacy. Ask me for anything personal and I will immediately decline your offer unless you agree to never ask for personal-info off of me again.
  • Projects that I help you with must be free-software - When I say "free-software", I'm referring to the philosophy established by Richard Stallman and the GNU Project. That is, users of the software have the right to modify the program to their needs, and re-distribute those changes. The source-code must also be available to the public too. If I find that the project I'm working on is proprietary and has no plans to release itself as free-software, I will immediately pull out of the project, with notice.
  • Do not expect me to be around all the time and do your work for you - As with any freelance worker, I am not a slave. You are giving me an offer that I have chosen to accept and as a result, I work on it when I am ready and available. I have a personal-life too and as a result of that, I won't always be around to work - Whether it be due to health-issues, family and relationship-issues, workstation-issues(Broken laptop, software not functioning properly etc.), or any other kind of issue(s) happening on my end. If you force me to work while I am having a tough time, I will threaten with leaving, and continue to force me to work while under a bad state, I will leave, with notice.
  • Do not force me to sign-up for services provided by companies that I do not trust - That includes Facebook(And any other social-network, including Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and all other social-networks. I have no issue with signing-up for Mastodon or Diaspora though, but I probably won't use it), Google, Amazon, and Microsoft(With the exception of GitHub, if that's where we're working). Services provided by these companies are known for harvesting massive amounts of data and these companies even have bad track-records with their software, and also have several privacy and security-issues. If you continue to nag me to use a service by a company that I have little to no trust in, I will threaten with leaving. Continue to do so and then I will officially leave, without notice.
  • If the software or service that we're working on gives users ways to interact with other users, the users must have the right of free-speech - When I say this, I mean that if we're working on something that involves users having the ability to communicate with one another, the users must have the right to say whatever they want. The few exceptions being in the case of far-right individuals, ones that may be potentially threatening to others, and ones that make racist or other kinds derogatory comments. It's in my belief that people should have the right to say what they want(Provided it doesn't insult minority-groups, or people of different genders, races, sexuality, or any other kind of person). If the project that we're working on has strict guidelines on what users/other contributors to the project can say, I will ask for it to be changed to allow greater autonomy. If that does not happen, I will continue to further protest. If it still doesn't happen after a while, I will forcefully resign from the project, with notice. Also note that I am against code of conducts being employed in projects. If one such document exists in a project, I will ask for it to be removed. If my request to remove the code of conduct is ignored or declined, I will leave the project, with notice.

Yes, I know that the above terms are pretty strict, and to some, unfavourable. But I stand by my beliefs, opinions(Political and non-political), and philosophies.

If you're currently looking for help with a project, service, or website(Blog or forum), I am willing to lend my hand. I'm freely available anyway, so please don't be afraid to get in touch. Just make sure that I'm the person you really want and be sure to follow the above terms that I've set, so that no issues arise.

As I also said, I am available for free. So, you don't have to pay a single penny just to hire me. Also, if you have any questions that you'd like to ask me, feel free to ask them here in this thread, or in private.

Regarding communication, I do not use Discord, and I strongly refuse to use it over several issues, including privacy and security, and the disgusting things people post on there. While I know I can just use it for private-messaging, I still refuse to use it.

Thank you.
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Hey there.

I'm still looking for work to do. Please don't be afraid to get into contact me to discuss any project you're currently working on. Again, just make sure that I'm the guy you're looking for and that when you do hire me, you comply with all of the conditions that I've stated in the post.

Also note that if you're looking for any other additional details(Excluding personal-information), such as what sites I've moderated or have I used X software, feel free to ask me these types of questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thank you.
So you are not familiar with javascript?
Well, unfortunately no. The reason I'm not familiar with JS is because, web-development was never something I was interested in. Yes, I may know HTML and CSS, but that's back from when I was just starting to learn programming.

Since I'm familiar with C, Java, and Lua, plus, both procedural and OOP paradigms, I could easily pick-up most of JS in like a week or something.

I'm still available. Again, if you ever want me, check to see if I'm the right guy for the job. If I am, make sure that both you and your project comply with the conditions that I've stated above. And again, I'm doing this completely free of charge.

If you want to get into contact with me, you may PM me here on CF, or ask for contact-details for: Email, IRC, or XMPP/Jabber. Please note that for email, state whether you want communications via email to be encrypted via PGP/GPG. I myself would prefer encrypted, but I will go ahead with unencrypted email anyway, unless stated that encryption is wanted.
Hey there, everyone.

I'm still on the lookout for work. If you believe that I'm the right person for the job and you agree that your project fulfills all of my conditions that I've stated, then feel free to get into contact with me via PM here on CF or ask for contact-details if you'd prefer for communication to happen outside of CF for whatever purpose. As stated though, I do not use Discord(See the original post as for why I don't).

Remember that if you do get into contact with me regarding work, please fill me in on the project details. Please also let me know of my position in the project too(Is it a tester, documentation-writer, or programmer/maintainer?)

Thank you.
Hey there, everyone.

Again, I'm still on the lookout for work. As stated, if you believe that I'm the right person for the job, feel free to get into contact with me and we can discuss the offer - Provided of course that it adheres to the conditions that I've laid out(You can ask me if I have experience with anything that I haven't listed in the original post). And again, this is all for free.

I should also note in case I haven't already, that I'm willing to work on any kind of software: video-games, artificial-intelligence, mobile-apps, web-software, anything. As stated in another earlier post, fill me in on the project details(What kind of project is it, how will updates be delivered, what's the goal, etc.) and my role in it(Will I be a tester, documentation-writer, or programmer/maintainer?)

Thank you.
Hey, @Master Yoda.

Thanks for responding with the link to the available positions page. I'm not sure if you do recall, but I actually submitted an application back in April. But, since I don't have Discord and I'm generally unwilling to use it, I believe that's what has caused a hold-up with it. That and you may have simply just forgotten about it.

If you could go back into your inbox and look for it, then we can continue discussing my application for Community Engagement.

Thank you.
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