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C# Import several cells from 1 column from 1 table in 1 cell in column in another table


New Coder
How to write code to import several Cells from 1 Column from 1 Table in 1 Cell in Column in another Table.
I m not a programmist. I need that code to import in one software that has it own language, so i don't need special code for c#, i need basic code how to do it, then i will change the code to my software language.
Look picture to understand better what i need.

Krusty the Senile

Active Coder
For each row of table 2: model will contain the model value from table 1 if the type value in table 2 is equal to the type value in table 1.

Or a pseudocode version:

for (row r2 in table 2)
  for (row r1 in table 1)
    if (r2.type equals r1.type)
      add r1.model to r2.model

Dunno if that would help. Also, you could have different syntax if doing SQL (which I haven't had a lot of practice with so I couldn't make something up off the top of my head)